Mary Smith   
So glad you have come to our website!  We Hope you will something here that will bless you in your life. We are really excited about all the things we have to offer!

My husband's name is Gary (yes we rhyme) and he is an awesome musician, and loves the Lord with all his heart. You'll find his picture in here somewhere!

We have both been musicians most of our lives. We write songs and play and sing a lot of other people's songs.
We have our own small studio and concert equipment.  We love worshiping the Lord and helping others do the same. you will find some of our stories of amazing experience in these pages.
I am a writer and have some published books with others on the way.
The book featured here is "Jesus On The Doorposts", and is designed to lead you into having the best family possible.  I wrote it over a huge concern for Christian parents raising children in a world where sin is rampant everywhere, making it really tough to hold to Christian values.  It teaches parents how to keep a handle on things and have fun doing it. The book is written in a conversational manner, so it is like I am there talking to you.
You may purchase this book right here.  It is also here as an e-book you can download.  The Lord was my coach on this one!  He wants to be yours too!  It is amazing what He will show you when you are willing.
I will be sharing with you right here, also.  We will soon have a way for you to blog and share on Twitter and Facebook.  We will have music for you in the near future.
I urge you to read our Statement Of Faith where we share with you our fundamental beliefs.
Come back often to find new things.
God bless you and keep you!

Gary and Mary Smith

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